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Sales and marketing tools to enhance customer experience across all channels!

Getting a 360° view of customers to promote engagement, enable personalized communication and enhance customer loyalty.

Towards a better customer experience

Nowadays, technology offers innumerable possibilities when it comes to communicating and serving customers. Hence the importance of investing in the right tools, adapted to your business reality, and getting the most out of them.

L'Occitane en Provence, a French cosmetics brand, has equipped its sales team with iPads in 400 of its stores globally so they can expand their customer base by capturing and leveraging additional information on their customers buying habits and ways in which they get engage with them over additional channels.

By having all the data in hand, your employees can do what they do best: serve existing customers and reach new ones. As a manager, you will gain a better understanding of the company's performance and the rate of customer engagement.

By adopting powerful new digital tools, you and your employees will be able to respond more quickly to customer needs and market trends, even surpassing customer expectations, which will help both your top and bottom line.

You will be well equipped to effectively measure the impact and effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales initiatives, as well as monitoring employee performance in order to continually improve customer relations.

Which solution should you choose?

Already juggling with several tools that do not communicate with one another? You are having to deal with an accounting tool, Excel files, an e-mail tool, a CRM tool, a tool for sending surveys, another to plan and execute social campaigns; All of them with their own databases that do not integrate among each other and for which you are dealing with different providers?

If this is the case then you’re already seeing how hard and time consuming it is to effectively make sense of all the data, both from an operational and a strategic perspective. Not to mention the time spent managing these tools which is not time dedicated to serving customers and growing the business.

Given the range of solutions offered and all the suppliers claiming to have the panacea to all your problems, it is not always easy to invest in the right solutions.

Whether it is to optimize the use of your existing tools, integrate data and process flows or build applications that meet your specific needs, our digital technology experts can help.

Providing a 360 ° Customer Experience

Competition is global, but the battle is won in the field. Consumers do business locally or online with brands or companies whose presence they can identify with. They want to engage with them on their own term, via the channel of their choice. They are educated, impatient and expect a quick and personalized response. Companies require tools that are tailored to both their customer needs and the uniqueness of their own business in order to meet these higher expectations.

Our offer

Contact us for an evaluation of your needs. We will help you better use the tools you already have and allow you to meet your present and future needs.
  • Needs assessment and audit of existing tools and processes
  • Customer Journey Mapping (Path to purchase)
  • Action plan for rolling out new tools or new functionalities
  • Assistance in selecting vendor solutions and negotiation
  • Design and creation of new web / mobile applications
  • Data and process integration
  • Implementation of management tools and dashboards (Business Intelligence)
  • Management of cloud technology platforms and hosting
  • Marketing and lead management outsourced services
  • Creation of digital content (video, content marketing, blog, article, whitepaper, etc.)
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